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A little about me and my family.

My name is Sarae, and I am the founder and owner of Parent Life Organized!

I am a wife to an amazing husband, and a momma to two wonderful kiddos.

Hubby, Aaron, is an incredible man who supports me and stands beside me through all of my crazy ideas! We have been through SO much together in our 7 years of marriage, and I am so thankful for a man that stands firm and strong for our family through all of life’s ups and downs. He is encouraging, funny, very smart, loving, incredibly hard-working, and I feel very lucky to call him mine.

My daughter, Honor, is 4 years old, and is a spitfire in every sense of the word! She is strong willed, and determined, naturally organized, and incredibly intelligent! This little one LOVES to create, never stops talking and/or singing, she is a wonderful mommy to her stuffed animal “babies”, and at night she prays and asks God if she can be a real mommy and have her own little girl someday… So stinken cute, right!?

My son, Jesse, is 2 years old, and is almost entirely the opposite of his big sister! He can be strong willed at times, but he is mostly easy going, super silly, and fairly quiet, but incredibly messy, and enjoys destroying everything sissy creates. (poor Honor) He LOVES to dance and listen to music, and if you can’t find him, he is probably climbing something that he shouldn’t be. He is ALL BOY.

I am a 27-year-old work at home mom doing hair styling part-time, and blogging full time.

I love organizing, and have been known to throw little hissy fits when I feel like our house is becoming over-loaded with stuff. I would not necessarily say that I am a minimalist, but I do like to take a minimalisitic approach when it comes to de-cluttering and getting things in order. Less is definitely more!

I am a planner freak, and I pretty much have mine with me AT ALL TIMES. I feel lost without it, and can easily feel swallowed up by our busy lifestyle if I don’t plan my week ahead. For me, it is just another way to maintain an organized life in the midst of parenting chaos!

My passion is writing. I love expressing myself through words, and documenting thoughts on paper. Being able to help people through blogging is seriously my dream job, and I can’t believe I actually get to do it! I am so thankful for all my readers!

One of my biggest struggles in life has been dealing with anxiety and stress. I am constantly working at bettering my health, my mindset, and my relationship with Jesus, so that I can continue to fight anxiety, and keep it out of my life.

Because it is SO not allowed to be a part of my life.


I love to help other parents manage a busy lifestyle.

Parenting can be so hectic right? Trying to balance it with work, and other responsibilities can seem nearly impossible at times.

I have been there.

I have been the one who feels like there is no use in even trying to be organized. I have gone through the mom guilt of wanting my own time and space so badly, but feeling terrible about even wanting that in the first place. I’ve gone through post-partum depression and anxiety, and I know the feeling of being too overwhelmed to even exist much less actually LIVE.

I also know how it feels, to lay down your dreams, because you think you have to lose yourself completely in order to be a good parent.

Not true guys…

In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. When you lose yourself, you will be lost in life, and finding the motivation to keep going strong will be increasingly difficult.

You must know your identity, and allow time for yourself to chase dreams and accomplish goals! You need your cup to be full in order for you to be able to pour lovingly into your children’s lives! Not to mention, it is extremely beneficial for our children to witness us working hard, and chasing dreams. You will instill a drive in them to chase after their dreams in life as well.

Parenthood shouldn’t be JUST about surviving. It should be about thriving.

But there needs to be balance.

And that’s the hard part, and that is where I want to help you… I want to be there for you during this season of absolute CRAZY, and let you know that you are not alone… That there are ways to FEEL BETTER about life, even when you think that you are incapable of feeling anything at all, that there is so much meaning and purpose in parenthood, that there is more to life than just living for the weekends, or your next vacation, and that you CAN manage an organized home even during the busiest and messiest season of your life.

Join me on this crazy ride, and read about positive mindsets, organization tactics, and productivity techniques, while also learning fun activities for your kids and tips and advice for chasing your dreams.

I want to help you find your sweet spot in this parenting gig, and during this season that feels like life revolves around your children, I want to remind you that YOU are important.

Your dreams matter, and you don’t have to give up on them.

It is time to release your child-like spirit and get back your excitement and joy for life!

If you ever have any questions, or if you want to reach out just to chat, feel free to e-mail me at parentlifeorganized@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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